Municipal Payroll Processing


Why Paymark for municipal Payroll services?

Did you know that Jerry Kenna, the Founder of Paymark Payroll Processing spent the last several years as the Borough Manager of Verona Borough?

During that time as Borough Manager, we discovered that the majority of payroll companies don’t have an effective solution for municipal payroll. In fact, most of them don’t offer any guidance on the majority of forms that local governments have to deal with.

That’s what makes Paymark different. We offer a full service payroll package for Municipalities that includes completion of pension forms, UC reports, multiple payrates, and we’ll even work directly with your CPA during your annual audit to get them the reports they need.

Not only do our competitors not offer this service, most of them have no idea what you need to do, so they end up doing half the job and leaving the rest up to the Borough or Township Manager.


What you can expect from us:

  • Multiple Departments (i.e. Police, Public Works, Administration, Code Enforcement, Parks & Recreation, etc.)

  • Multiple Pay rates (i.e. Hourly, Shift Differential, Court Time, 1.5x OT, 2x OT, Holiday Time, etc)

  • Accrued Benefits (i.e. PTO, Sick Time, Personal Days, Vacation Days, Uniform Allowances, etc

  • Pension Deductions (Uniform & Non-Uniform)

  • Union Dues

  • PSAB UC Reports

  • Quarterly Pension Reports

  • Annual Assistance with your DCED Audit

  • We understand what challenges you face in local government, we are here to help.